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February 2013




I’m slowly working my way back into cyber-life and struggling for momentum. No new release dates to announce, but the books in progress are coming along.


Some good news: My books are in the works for foreign rights.


The Stoa Grand Opening Festival will be February 18 – 28, 2013. Hope you can all come, play and enjoy what is meant to be an ongoing party. There will be plenty of giveaways and prizes. I’m hoping the chatter on The Stoa will be enough that we can bring in some feature authors and new authors for you to meet in a very informal cyber setting.


Where I’ll be:


February 13 @ 9 pm EST, I’ll be joining The Champagne Book Group authors for a pre-Valentines party at Coffee Time Romance in the chat room at There are always prizes and giveaways at CBG events.


February 14, I’ll join The Champagne Authors at their all-day Valentine Day Party on the Coffee Romance Chatter’s Loop. You can expect to see me between 2 pm and 4 pm, Eastern Time US at Yes, more prizes!


February 18 – 28, of course I’ll be at The Stoa with lots of prizes and giveaways. Just click on the Stoa link above and join us in a readers/writers’ playground.


February 17 – 20, Audra Middleton has invited me to join her at her blog at Leave me a comment to win a prize.


February 26, I’ll be joining Hearts through History Romance Writers on their Seduced by History blog at (I join them on the 26 of every month).


March 23, I’ll be joining several authors from other genres at the M.R. Davis Public Library in Southaven, Mississippi for their fabulous Mix and Mingle with the Authors event. The affair lasts from 11 am to 2 pm. There will be books for sale, for signing, giveaways, and a great chance to meet some wonderful authors from a variety of genres. If any of you are near the Mid-South Tri-State Area and can make it, please stop by. I’d love to meet you. And I’m dragging my friend Barry along so you can meet my wonderful web designer too. When the event is over, I’m going for food, so I’ll let anyone interested know what local restaurant we pick.


And way down the road in October, I’ll be at Savvy Authors. So many have asked for my character development workshop, I finally broke down and will give again with the revised worksheets. If you write and are interested, I’ll post more details soon.


Congratulations to the Epistles subscriber giveaway winners. Some of you may remember my promise to do a monthly giveaway whether I have news or not. Hopefully, I won’t be away from the internet for so long again and can send these out monthly. But here are the names of winners since the signup began:


August: Tina Moody
September: Paula Hambly
October: April Wyatt
November:Janis Spengler
December: Deborah Beavers

January: Dee Ann Palmer


I Hope everyone is staying warm. And if you’re south of the equator, I wish I were with you! Everybody stay healthy and happy.


August of 2012

It’s been awhile since my last update. No excuses. The last year has been tough for many people. I am currently recreating some files dumb-me didn’t back up. Unfortunately, they include my next two book drafts. Ugh!

I do have good news. Highland Captive won the Champagne Books Best Seller Award for 2011. And all three of my books were on Amazon’s Best Seller List at the same time earlier this year.

I’m so far behind answering emails that I’m going to try to give a few answers to some of the more common questions, though I do still intend to get to the emails.

There is not yet a release date for either Highland Legacy: King Arthur Strikes or Warlord’s Guardian. They have not been submitted to a publisher as of yet. My fault for not backing up the files and losing them. I am working diligently to complete them both so I can move on to Teddie and Medea’s books.

A surprising question about Julien and Toril from Highland Treasure and Highland Captive delighted me. No, I haven’t written their book. I had to know their story to write the two books in which they appeared. I enjoy bringing side characters back sometimes. When I finish the Sister’s by Choice series, I may consider telling a Viking tale.

I’ve had to totally revamp the way I do some things since the black mold crisis. Though it can be halted, already scarred tissue remains that way. So while I take longer, I’m still following the Little Engine. “I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!”

There are a few new features on the website. On the Epistles page you can sign up to have future newsletters delivered to your email. The Forum is new and you can talk about anything you want to talk about there. It will open offically September 1. I’ll be checking in at least three times a week, more often if I can. There’s also The Great Chamber. Beginning next month I’ll start scheduling at least one chat per month there and you’ll all be free to join me.

Have a wonderful month and happy reading!

January of 2012

Okay, I’m giving away my age. I couldn’t decide whether to go with Donna Somers or Tina Turner, so I’m going with both: Bad Mary! Since it would take forever to update you on everything that’s happened since I last posted here, I decide to do two things. One: thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting Highland Captive on the Amazon/Kindle bestseller list. You don’t know how happy you made me and help my progress during a very rough time. And, two: share the major things I’ve learned over the past year:

1. The fasted way down the Roman Alps is not on your rear.

2. If you stand too close to a 4th century furnace in a Venetian glass factory, the burn will be worse than a sunburn or ski burn.

3. Even if the locals are drinking well-water in rural Italy, doesn’t mean your stomach will handle it. Stick to Chianti!

4. There is an invisible bull’s eye on any car I drive that can only be seen by people who are inebriated.

5. Medicinal leeches are our friends.

6. The fastest way down Ole’ Smokey is not on your rear, and I should probably stay away from mountains.

7. Elvis is alive and living at the corner of Madison and N. Parkway in Memphis. (Just kidding).

8. The quickest way to lose an argument is to have one with an alpha heroine.

9. I own too much junk.

10. I can’t play Mafia Wars on Facebook, because it’s more addictive than Tab.

11. Don’t argue with a character that happens to be an alpha heroine. You can’t possible win.

I hope you are all having a wonderful and blessed 2012. And I really do think the Mayans ran out of rock, so plan on being here 2013 too. I’m still answering all the emails and other messages so many of you have sent.

Happy Reading!

November 2010 is Purple Month!
In honor of the beautiful cover of Highland Treasure rendered by Amanda Kelsey, cover artist extraordinaire, I’ll be giving away a basket that includes a signed copy of Highland Treasure, a tee-shirt with the cover on the front, a journal, potpourri, and other items.
To enter, simply comment on any blog I do during the month of November, include your e-mail address, and for every comment, you’ll be entered into a drawing that will take place, December 5, 2010. Foreign and domestic addresses will be accepted.
Good luck to all! And If I’m slow answering posts, please forgive me. I’m out of the country and my body still thinks it’s on Central time.

October 2010 News:
Throughout October, I’vefloated around different blogs and chat rooms, giving away copies of Highland Treasure and gift cards to some lucky commenter.

September 2010 News:
Congratulations to Tara Woods of Anniston, Alabama who won my Book Launch Nook Contest.
I enjoyed blogging at other sites and chatting at both The Writers Chatroom and Night Owl Reviews Chatroom, where I’ve been giving away gift cards and books.

August 2010 News:
Highland Treasure came out on August 7 from Eternal Press, and I’ve had an enjoyable time guest blogging and promoting the book. Some of my fan mail has been awesome and made my month. I wanted to share some of the comments I’ve received:

“LOVED IT. I enjoyed this book tremendously. Could not turn off my computer once i was able to find a working link. Angelaspera “Hope” was enchanting hilarious and very womanly. She had both qualities I enjoy in a protagnist: she was able to show her strength and courage without coming across as too manly stubborn and totally unappealing. I loved the fact that you “she” presented herself as not being afraid to show her emotions but still being able to take care herself. Not afraid to lean on someone else. Again I enjoyed this book very much and looking for more books from you. I hope when I tour your website I can find a book on Ian & Cassie and/or Julien & Toril. 🙂 Again LOVED IT!!!!!!!!”

“Whew! I just finished the book today and have to tell you I am eagerly awaiting your next book. You may write about women with great gifts but you have a great gift yourself by sweeping me into historicals like this. I went looking on your website to see if the Sister’s series was out and discovered to my horror I have to wait. I have a feeling this group of women are going to be ones I’ll love as much as Hope”.

“Just finished reading Highland Treasure and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your work. I enjoyed it so much that I hopped online to see if I could find any other books by you. I will be eagerly waiting for your Sisters by Choice series to debut.”

“You, my dear, are an evil woman. But only in the best possible way, lol. I got home last night from work around 6pm PST and normally I am in bed shortly thereafter but not last night. Nope not after I found Highland Treasure in my in-box and started reading. I did manage to get my dishes done in between chapters and finally got to bed around 11:30 but only because we started getting a great lightning storm or I’d have probably kept going until I had to get ready for work today or finished, whichever came first.
I have not read a historical novel in a long time, at least 20 years now. I used to read them all the time but got very discouraged when they turned into more furniture guides or history lessons then actually stories. I moved onto contemporary, comedy, love stories. I have always had a love for English/Scottish stories and just looking at this cover yesterday during the chat was enough to get me writing it down to purchase next payday. After the excerpt you posted I was getting it for sure because I wanted to read about this lass who was full of mischief.
I am only on page 88 after last night and have more to go but I can tell you I’m in love with Hope and her antics. She is giving The Lion a run for his money that I’m sure isn’t over yet and will just keep getting better. I also love Bertie, he is her champion and son for sure. I think it is so cute to see the little mini Hope with his language and actions.
I have to confess, after getting your email, I checked out your website and read your bio. Just from reading that made me realize that you have the sense of humor that I love in friends and is what I look for in the books I read. Don’t be surprised if you see me on your blog sometime.”

I have, in fact, received so many emails telling me that I was making Historical Romance fun again that I have changed the tagline on my blog to read, “Putting the fun back into Historical Romance!”

Also in August, I contracted with Champagne Books for Sisters by Choice Book I: Highland Captive, which will have a May 2011 release date.

July 2010 News:
I was shocked to receive the Hearts through History Romance Writers Legenda Aurea Service Award & Scholarship. Legenda Aurea, Latin for “the golden legend,” is the highest service award presented by HHRW’s Executive Board to a member who has provided outstanding service to chapter and who has become a legend among the membership. Receipt of the award is a great honor and truly humbling experience for me. I thank both the Board and the membership for the privilege of serving such a valuable and talented organization of professional writers, both published and aspiring.

An agent and editor approached me about writing Inspirational Romance, so I have started a new series set mainly in the East Tennessee region, an area I’d love to move to someday.

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  1. JOYE permalink
    March 20, 2011 2:33 pm

    Not sure this is the place to leave my email addy if I want in the contest. I would like to enter if it is.

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