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Old Latin Quotes

November 29 — December 5, 2009

Qui non zelat, non amat.

One who does not burn, does not love.
~St. Augustine
December 6 — December 13, 2009
Qui me amat, amet et canem meum.
 Love me, love my dog.
~ Saint Bernard
December 14-24, 2009
Mortuo leoni, etiam lepores insultant.
Rabbits may pull dead lions by the beard.
December 24, 2009-January 14, 2010
Nunc scripsi totum pro Christi da mihi potum!
Now I have written so much for Christ, give me a drink!
~ inscription by medieval monk copyists at the end of manuscripts
January 15 — February 7, 2010

Cave ne ante ullas catapultas.

If I were you, I wouldn’t walk in front of any catapults.

~ Henry Beard

February 8, 2010- February 15, 2010

Si hoc adfixum in obice legere potes, et liberaliter educates et nimis propinquus ades.

If you can read this bumper sticker, you are both very well educated and much too close.

(I saw this one driving down the street and it cracked me up!)

February 16, 2010 – February 24, 2010

Si post fata venit gloria non propero

If glory comes after death, I’m not in a hurry.

~Martial (epigrams)

February 25, 2010 – May 30, 2010

Gallus in suo sterquilinio plurimum potest.

Every rooster is proud on his own dunghill.


May 30, 2010 – June 5, 2010

Si vis me flere dolendum est primum ipsi tibi.

If you wish me to weep, you yourself must first feel grief.

~ Horace

June 6, 2010 – June 13, 2010

Quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus.

Sometimes even good Homer sleeps.

~ Horace from Ars Poetica: taken to suggest rather gently that even good writers are not always at their best. Or, you win some; you lose some.

June 13, 2010 – July 12, 2010

Mendacem memorem esse oportet.

It is fitting that a liar should be a man of good memory.


July 13 – July 18, 2010

Qui scribit bis legit.

He who writes reads twice. (Or in my case, a jillion times).


July 18 – October 18, 2010 (Wow, that was one long week).

Casus non datur.

There is no such thing as chance.

~Saint Thomas Aquinas

October 19 – November 2, 2010

Non omnis, qui nobis arridet, amicus est.

Not everyone who laughs with us is a friend.


Novemebr 2, 2010 – May 1, 2011

Cor gaudens exhilarat factem.

A joyful heart lights up the face.


May 1, 2011 – October 26, 2012

Cum catapultae erunt tum soli proscripti catapultas habebunt.

When catapults are outlawed, only outlaws will have catapults.

~Henry Beard

October 26, 2012 – March 18, `2013

Quid de utilitate loquar stercorandi?

What shall I say about the usefulness of spreading manure?


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